Itchless Gurl is our skin recovery drops known for its very powerful immune stimulation and can fight all categories of infectious organisms bacteria,fungi etc. Our main ingredient being organic tea tree oil,chamomile,eucalyptus from the wild alps of Italy is known to help inflammation and decrease itching immediately resulting from post-operative procedures(lipo itch)These drops helps fortify the body and reduces post-operative shock as well as other surgery related skin problems! Drops ships out within 7-10 business days! All orders comes with USPS Tracking ,once updates delivered we will not be responsible for lost items! All results vary per individual! NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES ONCE SHIPPED. ALL ORDERS OVER $30 will require a signature and signed credit card authorization form!!! ORDER WILL NOT SHIP IF PROPER DOCUMENTATION ISNT SENT IN.THERES NO WAY AROUND OUR POLICY.

Itchless Gurl(Skin Recovery Drops) Itching /Inflamation