Healing Gurl advanced silicone scar sheets are 100% Medical- Grade silicone used by Hospitals and Plastic Surgeons. Our scar sheets are Drug-Free, durable and comfortable. The scar sheets are
formulated for application to surgical scars,raised acne scars,breast implant and reduction scars,keloid scars,cosmetic surgical scars, c-section and pregnancy scars, keloid scars and many more. Our scar sheets effectively minimizes the size and improves the appearance of old and new scars. By applying Healing Gurl advanced scar sheets on a daily basis will reduce redness and itchiness flatten and soften mainly help scars heal from inside out hydrating your scars. The sheets can easily be applied each dressing lasts about 7-10 days when applied properly. Please remove with gentle care. All orders over $30 will require a signature and signed credit card authorization form!!

Healing Gurl Advanced Scar Sheets