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Fluff Fairy Drops are formulated to promote blood circulation and helping the buttocks and hips grow by infiltrating into deep tissue cells and accelerating fat synthesis making you a more bigger and rounder buttocks and hips.Our ingredients are natural ingredients that helps aid in growth to buttocks by lifting flaccid skin, we suggest purchasing 2-3 bottles for maximum results. Our extra strength drops with added ingredients is sure to deliver banging results.Ingredients: juniperus com-comunis fruit oil, salvia lavandula folia oil, leafi fennel oil, hydrogenated sweet almond oil, capric/caprylic triglycerides, citrus paradisi seed oil,Maca root oil, ginseng ,parfumerie.Features: Use it morning and before going to bed every day to get a firm buttocks, elastic and complete.Repeat 50 times for the primary percussion required to press the buttocks from the outside to inside and from top to bottom.Massage the lateral flanks and the inner circle vigorously, drip 2-5 drops into the palm.It can be used as a buttocks massage oil. Ask your partner to apply oil on your buttocks massage it and grasp it. Your buttocks grow during your massages.


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